Dressing Up & Down The Bandage Dress : The Kewl Shop

If you would hand me over a bandage dress and ask me to wear it, in normal course....I may assure you that I would be mortified. I don't claim to have a perfect 10 of a body, because I can't! So when The Kewl Shop asked me to try out one of their Bandage dresses, it was a bit of an emotional challenge more than anything else. But then I decided to go by the judgement of the brand who thought I may do justice to it. Hence I decided to go with that and take up the challenge. 

I picked up a neon flare dress and sort of dressed it up and down in my own style as work wear and a special occasion wear. If you ask me, then I think it worked. It fitted like a dream, but I would love to know what you think!

And here's the best part. As a special gift to I'm My Own Muse readers, you can use the discount code Ujjaini when you visit The Kewl Shop and get 15% off of your order!

Outfit Includes : Bandage Dress - The Kewl Shop | Extra Long Coat - ZARA | Shoes in first look - ASOS | Shoes in second look - ASOS | Coat in Second look - Forever21 |

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